Monday, November 3, 2008

Grease - The Disney Version...

Hi everyone!
I'm a fan of Brooke's and Sankari's Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge. This week's movie is Grease. Okay... to be honest, I didn't see the movie when it was new, but of course I know the songs. And it always reminded me of some squeeking mice when I heard "You're the one that I want, oh, oh, oh...". And when I look with 2008's eyes on Olivia Newton-John with her 1978 makeup and dress... doesn't she look like Minnie Mouse??? LOL! I hope I don't offend your feelings towards this movie - of course it is a fun one, and I enjoyed watching it now, but well, sometimes I'm a little bit goofy with those 70's and 80's movies. And I'm a Disney fan... Anyhow - I WAS reminded of Minnie Mouse, and when I saw Sankari's card for the challenge, I knew what I had to do: just change her wonderful cupcake people into Mickey and Minnie Mouse!
I cut Mickey's car with my Cricut and used an All Night Media stamp for Mickey and Minnie. They were colored with markers, then cut out, and I can tell you, I'll never again just THINK of cutting them out - it took hours (at least it felt for me like hours, considering my lack of patience)!!!!! The street was hand-cut and shaded with pencils. I added a hand-written sentiment and some lines.
I HAD FUN! Hope you've fun, too!


Sherri said...

So so cute!!

Sankari W. said...

Christiane! That is sooo cute!! what a totally fun card! Love the Minnie and Mickey versions of Sandy and Danny from Grease! all that cutting paid off!

And THANK YOU sooo much for the beautiful package that I just received from you! WOW! That is just sooo very generous and amazing! Can't wait to take soem pics and post it - I LOVE your card - and you are just so sweet! The stamps are so beautiful - that bear is just beyond cute! and the magnet and everything is just beautiful! Thank you thank you thank you sooo much! I just got home from the grocery store and saw your beautiful package waiting for me - what a great way to start the day!
You are awesome!

Thank you so much for playing in these weekly challenges also - its always so much fun to see your creations!

Hope your DH is better and that you are doing well too!!
Sending you a ton of hugs and smiles across the ocean!
Much love,
Sankari :)

Oliva said...

Who doesn't love Mickey & Minnie!!! Just too cute :-)

Ann said...

Oh, how adorable is this?! I love it! Great take on the challenge! :D

zukesgirl said...

SOooo cute!

Love the car and the cutting was worth it - it is adorable

june68 said...

Ach Christiane - diese beiden sind einfach zauberhaft *schmacht* ....
und in Verbindung mit GREASE unbeschreiblich *lol* !!!!

Lieben Gruß, Dani

Sankari W. said...

Christiane - thank you so much for your wonderful email - you are just the sweeeeeeeetest!! i am sorry that I have been a bad blogging friend - when you told me that you were coming to Atlanta - I was seriously trying to figure out a way to get there... because we would have been in the same country!!! but alas -that day will have to wait a bit longer - just wanted to tell you that I just created a little award (the inspiration award) and left it for you on my blog. You are just one of the sweetest people that I have met and I am sooooo happy to have gotten to know you through this blog. I hope you and your DH are doing well!!! will write more soon - its so late here (2 am ) that I have to go and sleep - but wanted you to know that I am just so thankful for your and your friendship!
Best wishes and much love,
Sankari :)