Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sweet Sankari...

You ALL are just WONDERFUL friends and kept me up during those difficult weeks with my husband's surgery. I really loved your comments, get-well-wishes and mails. But there's one dear and special blogging friend who is really hard to top: Sankari! First of all, she is such a talented and creative girl who makes the greatest cards out of just nothing, a Photoshop wizard and a color queen. Make sure to check out her blog: Sankari's Sunshine Corner
Besides that, she just sent me the sweetest and most encouraging mails during the last week AND THIS INCREDIBLE PARCEL filled with one of her WONDERFUL cards, a stamp set that makes you smile immediately with its funny and friendly flowers and those little wooden pot scraper (which is excellent to use as a bone folder) and fork!

Sankari, I can't believe I got all these wonderful things, and I can't wait to use these flower stamps! Thank you so much!

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Sankari W. said...

i wish i could send you a TON of things!!! i am so glad that you liked them and that the flowers made you smile!! how is your DH ? how is your home routine going? hope all is well and that he is getting better and stronger everyday and that you are having lots of moments to relax are finding some time to rest :) sending you a ton of love across the ocean!!!