Monday, August 4, 2008

Job Withdrawal (otherwise known as Holidays) and Siamese Cats

Sometimes, I tend not to be creative but to just re-create my old cards I liked very much. So, this is from my pre-dog period, when I didn't have to stand the offended glimpses of my dog while using a cat stamp, LOL! I liked this card very much and made just some slight changes today when re-stamping it. The cat panel (from Coronado Island) is stamped with Memories Black onto light green and blue striped dp, then cut into pieces and attached to turquoise cardstock. Then I attached the cardstock pieces with Diamond Glaze (Judi Kins) to microscope slides and used some foil tape to cover the upper and lower end of the slides. Be careful with the glue, even the REALLY clear Diamond Glaze shows a little bit through the glass slides if not spread very evenly! The background (Judi Kins) is stamped with Versamark ink onto black cardstock, then embossed with clear powder.
Now, what can you read out of this card? First: I'm on holiday and seem to have some job withdrawal - so I had to use microscope slides today for stamping, LOL! Second - I needed some balance to the last days' colourful cards, I'm still a black and white lover. Third - if I had not already stuck the cat images under the slides, I would have added some white highlights - what was I thinking when forgetting the highlights??? LOL!
Hope you like it nevertheless!

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